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   --Andy, Jukebox, Oct. 23, 2006,


"THE FIRST HOT TIP FOR 2002...fat melodic riffing and heroically sung vocals...perfectly titled for an eral of rebuilding, this is a great rock record for and about starting over."
   --David Fricke, ROLLING STONE, Feb. 14, 2002


"...[A] rocking sound so fresh and so new it's as though 'hair' and 'nu' are concepts given life only by the warped imagination of an Orwellian fiction writer. Watching CWTF it feels like the era that spawned the original rock beast has bridged over the last two and a half decades to now, harvesting from the best bits along the way, and created this stirring medern old school sound."
   --Scruffster UK Hardcore & Megal e-Zine, review of CWTF @ The Mean Fiddler, London, UK. Oct. 3, 2002


"I first heard CWTF last March when they opened for Jerry Cantrell in my old home of Houston, TX (at the Engine Room in 2001)...Never have I actually thought an opening band blew away the headliner until this night."
   -- Mark Clausen, THE DARK ARCHIVES


"Comes With the Fall -- Fresh off spending the better part of 2002 not only opening for Jerry Cantrell, but doubling as his backing band, Comes With the Fall are poised to make their own mark. This trio, based in L.A. by way of Atlanta, are not afraid to rock. They'll give you Alice In Chains heaviness with Led Zeppelin power, and try something unheard of in music today: guitar solos, loud choruses and a kick in the face not felt this hard since Seattle in '91."
   --Michael Christopher, Pop Matters— 31 December 2002


GRAND AND TIMELESS...a thoroughly unique collision of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, King's X, Manic Street Preachers, Freddie Mercury, Thom Yorke, and Lenny Kravitz... thick, tribal, almost stoner-ish riffs through sparkly production and an alternative sense of song smarts that should have these guys all over the radio... Comes With The Fall is true electric crackly power-trio magic...
   --Martin Popoff, HARDRADIO.COM, October 2001


If these cats catch fire, then rock radio is saved. Rise and join the fallen, citizen.
   --Sleazegrinder, Top 10 Albums Of The Year, HITLIST, November 2001


   --Editor-In-Chief, KERRANG! Issue 882, Dec. 8, 2001 re:"The Year Is One"


   -- Mark Clausen, THE DARK ARCHIVES
      also check out the lengthy interview with William in the October 2001 issue.


"These guys are the future."
   --Jerry Cantrell speaking to the Reuters World News Service, July 2001


The first band I actually saw was Comes With the Fall. They were starting just as I walked in, the place was packed and I had to climb shoulders just to see what they looked like…. the music is good, really heavy lots of old school screaming, heavy guitars, and pounding bass….
   -- Jim Preston, synthesis

   --Ed Decker, SAN DIEGO READER Oct. 2001 review of "The Year Is One"


"CWTF are creating their own legend with their live show."