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Fans talk

"I thought I'd put down my guitar for a minute and type this out because I think Comes With The Fall is that band that everyone is looking for, and needs to hear. This time period reminds me of the end of the 80's. Everyone is sick of the mainstream shit, and we're all looking for something fresh." ~ Snowman

"Comes With The Fall, a true rock and roll band, will take you on a ride and show you why new music is not always bad music. Differing from anything heard on radio waves in years, this rock power trio will kick your ass in concert and then they will talk to you about it afterwards. If you want real music, real people, and you've ever liked rock and roll, give these guys a listen. Just one is all it takes." ~ Chris 1/22/03

"The band that put "Rock" back into Rock-N-Roll. The way Rock is intended to be. No BS. A trio that can put any 5 piece to shame. If you like great musicianship, a band that KNOWS how to put on a live show and just very down to earth people, Comes With The Fall is for you." ~ Yvonne 1/22/03

"the band is amazing on stage, i saw them in newport,wolverhamton,bradford and london. adam (bass) is one of the best guy i've meet ." ~junkyfacelift in Belgium

“whichever album, the killer riff belongs to the opening of 'Before the Fall' “

"It's too bad that you missed Comes With The Fall, they were good. Did you happen to meet them afterwards? They were out by the merch. booth signing stuff afterwards." ~ RLSE9 11/04/02

"The CWTF guys were great with the fans. I didn't personally talk to them, but Adam Stanger and William talked to fans waiting outside, signed autographs and let people take pics. They were great." ~ Dogstar 11/20/02

" BTW, William can REALLY sing, WOW!!....I think theirs was an excellent performance, and they have grown and gelled a lot since the first time I saw them at the Warzone." ~ EIW 11/30/02

"I thought they were REALLY good and I thought it was WAY cool when William came out and was more than happy to mingle with the crowd,sign autographs,or just talk to you.I was very impressed with his p.r skills,(not to mention the music).It was a kick ass show thats for sure." ~ jerryjunkieUT 11/24/02

"When I saw Jerry a few months back, I was introduced to the music of CWTF, and I have to say that they are probably the best new band out there." ~ metalmusicwoman 01/12/03

"Also need to throw a quick prop to Will Duvall & Bevan Davies.....god, those dudes are SO nice!" ~ bizarredevotedfan 02/12/03

"The year is one is a great album. It's still in my cd player. COMES WITH THE FALL are a great band. They sounds awesome in the studio. I'd like to see them live in Italy. I know it's almost impossible but who knows... My favorite songs at the moment are Smashdown,Never see me cry, strung out on a dream. And a new album is expected soon." ~ Brother 03/02/03

"When I went to see Cantrell live he had the band Comes With The Fall open for him and they were also his backing band. The drummer for them (dont know his name) tore the skins apart......You all will be hearing from him soon enough." ~ The Shocker 5/23/03

"...and it kicks all kinds of ass. It's f*cking intense and in your face rock-n-roll from begining to end. It is as close to having them play in your living room as you can possibly get. The sound and video quality is unreal. This is a must have for all CWTF fans. Even for those of you who aren't really familiar with the band I recommend you buy it. You will thank yourself when you see it." ~ Snowman (again) 06/01/03

"CONFIDENCE. Anyone see this movie? Not sure if you guys already know about this, but...there's a scene at a bar where Ed Burns' character tries to proposition Rachel Weisz into pulling this scam. Anyways, during the scene, if I'm not mistaken, William from CWTF is standing right there at the bar in full view. He's just hanging out wearing a CWTF t-shirt under a leather jacket. Thought that was pretty cool…..Yeah, it's funny, he just totally stands out. I had to go back and rewatch some of the scene because I was too busy tripping out on William and I missed the dialogue. Decent movie, by the way. And, on a side note, I think I'm in love with Rachel Weisz." ~ DTripper 11/25/03

(Jerry) "Omigod these guys rock! I saw Jerry when he first moved to the Bay Area winter/spring 2001. He gigged around a few times to the local's delight, small and intimate stages! I saw his back up band, Comes With the Fall and was like dude! who were they? From Atlanta, GA turns out Jerry spotted them in L.A. I've seen them since a couple more times and the performance has only gotten tighter! Very cool, good to their fans. Comes with the Fall has also received recognition in Rolling Stone magazine spr2002. Hopefully Jerry keeps them on a long time; he even mentioned them in his latest interview with Metal Edge...." Joyce/arctic fox 08/09/02

COME TO MICHIGAN.... ~Moresun~