take it out on me

So take it out on me one more time again
(not what you want to see, so take it out on me)

From your vibration
And your gyration
You got a pocketful of fire and brimstone

And now the worm turns
You feel your body burn
You ride the lightning
as it slithers down your backbone

I never knew my name
'Til I became the pain
Dancing on the blade
Look what a mess we made

So take it out on me one more time again

I couldn't have missed it
So sick and twisted
I know my enemy as well as my reflection

You saw my mask drop
I watched your heart stop
The thread I'm hanging by
is blinding my direction

Come take it out on me
(crown my shadow)

We're flying blind in the rain
And while you're crashing the plane
I'm busy looking for the sermon in the suicide
And your salvation depends
on bleeding me at both ends
But I'll see to it that your mission isn't satisfied

Music and Lyrics: William DuVall
2001 Ultramad Music ASCAP