before the fall

My secret sharer
I feel the thorn twist in your side
I know why they fear you
They see the love behind your eyes

And they can't stand your vision
Because they thrive on collision
So I will raise you up
Before the fall

My falling flower
The lamb inside the lions' lair
But you have the power
To free us all with just one prayer

For the heavens that bore you
can never ignore you
And I will raise you up
Above their stones

And their arrows
And the crosses they would nail you to
And the evil in the words they say
And the laws they write but don't obey
And the mirrors they'd never dare look through
And the lies they try to sell to me and you

Music: Nico Constantine/William DuVall - Lyrics: William DuVall
2000 Ultramad Music/Last Leg Music ASCAP